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Who are Lotus Creative?

Lotus Creative is run by two freelancers, Claire and Steve, who’ve known each other since attending Nottingham Trent Uni together. Claire’s the designer and organiser of the two and Steve is the marketing, web design, software and SEO expert.

Claire trained as a 3D and graphics designer, which fuelled her love or print and colour. She writes, and designs prints in her spare time. Yoga and baking are her favourite ways to relax – she has made quite a few wedding cakes in her time! She is also partial to a bit of solo travel.

Steve trained in web and multimedia design and has spent many years perfecting his skills. In his spare time Steve loves to go on long bike rides – he just recently cycled 150KM for charity. He is also partial to a craft beer and can get very geeky about coffee.

Who do we work with?

Our colleagues and friends are some of the best designers and developers in the industry. We work with artists, motion designers and developers, who we think are absolutely blooming brilliant.

We prefer to work with freelancers we trust, to keep costs low for you and to source the right expertise and skills for your brand.

Why choose us?

With many years of experience between us, we love what we do. We are experienced at helping businesses bloom, creating websites, launching new products or marketing online. We proudly keep up in the fast-changing world of online marketing, making sure your brand is at the cutting edge of advertising and design.