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Client Update Feb 2019

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Client Update Feb 2019

Social Media Advertising and Brand Development

We’ve had a very busy start to the year, from social media advertising to developing an entirely new brand, it’s been full of exciting new opportunities. These are a few of the clients We’ve been working with.

Qdos HR

Qdos HR offer HR and health an safety services to business that either need to a completely outsourced service or just require some support for their existing internal facility.

The aim with Qdos HR is to raise the website traffic through organic search. This is being achieved with a large knowledge base or ‘resource centre’ that covers a vast array of relevant HR and Health and Safety subjects. This traffic is converted into a lead by the user either downloading the guide within each resource page (an email catcha) or by tracking business IP addresses and following up via Lead Forensics.

Initial results suggest this method is proving to be an affective way of generating leads with approximately 80-100 new leads per day. Their database of prospects being accumulated is becoming part an automated marketing life cycle. By identifying the leads specific needs we can tailor the marketing/guidance offered gaining trust and ultimately converting a larger proportion of prospects.

Meraki Hair

Meraki Hair, a Leicester salon website and brand we set up last year, is doing incredibly well in generating organic traffic. This has been achieved by structuring the page content to focus the efforts of each page to ultimately attract the most relevant search terms, by keeping the website fast and well optimised and by gradually link building and gaining some website authority.

The next steps for Meraki is to add to this traffic via Facebook advertising. By being specific and targeting location, gender and online behaviours a target audience can be reached to significantly increase website traffic. We will be reviewing the conversions from this social traffic next month.

The Upcycle Company

We’ve developed a new brand and website for a local upcycled furniture, The Upcycle Company. The Upcycle Company offer upcycled furniture services, turning unwanted items into beautiful home accessories.

The next step for this new business is to raise their brand awareness using Facebook and Instagram advertising. This is a relatively cheap way to gain some website traffic and to ignite a new raft of enquiries for the business.


One More Room

We’ve been working with a local Leicestershire based house extension planning company, One More Room, to develop their new brand and website. The sites only a few weeks old but they’re already started to gain some new clients. Plans for their online digital strategy should become clearer in the coming months.