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Client update October 2019

Client update October 2019

Shop Design, Plugin Design and Monthly Marketing Options


What a busy few months we have had. We started the financial year working on a previous clients site to provide a shop function and have been busy since designing news sites, working on plugin design and doing monthly marketing.


Katie Alice Floral Design

Shop Design

We worked closely with Katie to create a shop tailored to her needs. Designing a shop that can be turned off for holidays and that you can specify dates that deliveries are available. We also set up her Stripe gateway and did full user testing so that when it went live there were no nasty surprises.


We streamlined her user journey so customers can book wedding consultations online and buy products online with ease. Katie also wanted a few adverts to use on social media, so she can advertise her new products and services. You can now buy gift vouchers online and schedule a delivery of flowers as well as sign up for subscriptions, we hope someone sends us something soon!


Have a look here Katie Alice Floral Design



plugin design

ThePPM wanted a website to promote their services and for tenants to report small issues with their properties. We designed them a plugin that will manage their properties and record any maintenances issues that are logged through the frontend page.


The simple to use plugin will capture data from the tenants and assign it to the right property, this also generates an email notification to ensure staff are aware of the issue being reported. The plugin also has a RAG rated system which can be updated when work has been instructed and or completed, making the tracking of work easy to manage.


Have a look here ThePPM



We have worked with Meraki for a while now, creating their branding and website. They have just come on board as a monthly marketing client, meaning we work for them on a monthly basis to improve their reach and client acquisition.


We work on design of promotional materials, SEO for the website, writing blog posts and social media posting. We have also implemented a booking system and streamlined the process to do so for the customer.


Have a look here Meraki


This is just some of the work we can offer on a monthly basis, ask us if you have other ideas.


We are also working on lots of things behind the scenes, beavering away to make 2020 the best year ever. We are working on launching our software products, a range of plugins and web templates that will be downloadable.


Our aim – Businesses and personal brands can download products that will make their sites visually appealing and highly functional.


It’s an exciting time here at Lotus, come back soon to see what we’re up to!