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Digital Marketing

Helping brands flourish through creative strategy and design.

Digital Strategy

A clear digital strategy will ensure your story is consistent across all marketing and platforms. We don’t believe in one-size fits all approach, as every brand is unique. Your customers are as unique as you are; it’s our job to find an approach that speaks to them.

We will do a ton of research, work out where your brand fits in the market and create a strategy that gives you a unique online presence, making you stand out.

Monthly Marketing Packages


We have a Digital Marketing package to suit the needs of your brand. However large or small your business is, our packages are designed to increase growth in traffic to your website or to your social accounts.


Through completely transparent pricing, you know what you are getting for your money.

Digital Marketing Portfolio

Startup Marketing

Your startup business needs a unique strategy to ensure rapid growth. We understand startup environments; we’ve been there too!

We know you need eyes on your business from the very first day and that you need serious return on investment (ROI) to part with your cash. ROI is something we feel passionate about for all businesses, if you part with your hard earned cash, you want results.

We can design you a basic website that provides the online presence you need, gives a good first impression and creates impact, that isn’t all bells and whistles, but is affordable.

Our team can also set up your social media, developing a brand and content strategy so that from day one your message is clear. Your audience is online, and that’s where you need to be.

Outsourcing Marketing

We believe strongly that nurturing the customers you have is as important as attracting the bright shiny new ones. Lotus Creative can manage all your marketing needs, if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team or the time to do it all yourself.

We will dedicate time to understanding your brand, developing an innovative strategy to bring you new customers whilst developing existing relationships.

Researching your target market and agreeing objectives will help us to position you in the right place for increased exposure.

We manage campaigns, promotions, direct and indirect marketing, social media, SEO and online advertising.

Whether you are an established brand currently managing your own marketing, or a newer brand without the dedicated resources, we can help.

Search Engine Optimisation

Visibility is a major factor of brand success and SEO is the golden ticket. You can have the best website in the industry but if it doesn’t rank highly enough no one will see it.

Small Business Marketing

Small, medium size and startup businesses are our specialty. We enjoy nurturing new brands, and helping existing brands to get the best results.

We can help you with growth through the right strategy, branding and marketing.

SEO Management

As experts in SEO we can improve your organic search results through creative and technical methods. This means more people see your site, brand and what you have to offer.

We ensure your content is creative, relevant and optimised. We can work with your existing online presence, developing it further to increase engagement and impact.

Our team can offer monthly site and SEO analysis, looking for opportunities and threats, ensuring your site will always be on its best behaviour.