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Should you Have a Social Media Strategy?

Should you Have a Social Media Strategy?

The short answer is yes. Whatever platform you favour, if you are using it for marketing, you need to get really clear on your purpose and message. Gone are the days that you can post a picture of your dinner and people will engage with you. I do miss the good old days of social media!

Social Media Strategy

So the basics of a social media strategy are…

  1. Know your audience, what do they want?
  2. Why would they follow you, what makes you unique?
  3. What can you offer them?

This means you need to have a look at your audience and also analyse which of your posts get the most interactions. In summary treat it like any other aspect of having a customer base – you have to know them to get them and nurture them to keep them.

Really think about what you want to share. What part of your life or business is going to provide enough content to keep them hooked. Consistency of style and content is what keeps people on your follower list. If they get what they expect from you they will stick around. When you post something completely off brand, that’s when people hit unsubscribe.

What you can offer them. This is the key to success – Inspiration or education. They either want your life, product or service or they follow you because they feel like you are providing some kind of service.

Inspiration or Education

The secret to loyal followers and in turn customers is offering them more bang for their buck. You either need to inspire them or educate them.

So if inspiration is your route give them a reason to want what you are posting. Tell a story, create a lifestyle and think about the best possible way to show the image you have imagined.

Think about the visual composition, the other items you could add to the picture that complete the story. Think about items that sell the lifestyle you are aiming at, for your target customer. Ask yourself will they connect with the image and if not how can you improve it.

The education side of things can be tutorials, quotes, life hack style advice. Anything, but again make it work for your audience. A random tutorial about growing a bonzai tree, although great, will probably not appeal to your rock music loving followers.

You can of course do both, they work really well together but just stay clear on the purpose and always ask – if I was my customer what would I think of this post?


We will be writing about social media tips and tricks every second Tuesday of the month. The other weeks of the month we will focus on the power of brand, keeping you updated on the work we’ve been doing and sharing our favourite things of the month.