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The Power of Personal Brand

The Power of Personal Brand

What is Personal Brand?


With the popularity of social media and the rise of #influencer, personal brand is something we hear all the time, but what is it?

It’s basically the practice of marketing yourself. If you are a freelancer, artist, actor or influencer you need to know all about this. As a small business owner personal brand principles will help you to think about your business and give you some valuable ways to promote it.


What Are The Principles Of Personal Brand?

Think about your personal brand as what you do, think and say. Don’t overthink it and just be yourself. The people who are most successful at this don’t mind being a bit weird, a bit out there or entertaining their audience without feeling embarrassed.

As a business you need to think about what your brand would be like if it had a personality and frame your content around that. So if you are a chocolatier, you’d probably be happy, a bit geeky about science and cooking and would want to help people to understand how much better handmade chocolate is. And as a publisher of fiction you would be creative, free and fun. See it as representing the lifestyle that your audience imagine the owner of that business might have if that makes it easier.

When we work with businesses on branding we look at the core and best elements of that business and represent them in a way that matches the client and the market place they are selling in.

Having a constant message is key to personal brand. But you have to make sure that message feels natural and that you are comfortable with it. Because as much as we can control the message we can’t control what others think of it. But if you are happy with the message, that will shine through and people will be drawn to that.

What Can We All Learn From This?


  • Be true to yourself, you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but those that get you will be loyal if you have a constant message.
  • What makes you unique, play on that.
  • Be consistent, if you post on a platform every week, do it every week. This builds up trust.
  • Think about what you are adding to the person who is following you or looking at your business? Are you educating or entertaining? More of that here in Should You Have a Social Media Strategy?