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User Experience is Key to Successful Website Design

Successful Website Design

User Experience is Key to Successful Website Design

User Experience is Key to Successful Website Design


User Experience is Key to Successful Website Design – this seems obvious doesn’t it. That if your user can’t get what they want they won’t stick around. We all know it but so many websites are not user friendly. How the user navigates the site is key to designing a successful website.


You can SEO to your hearts content and spend money on advertising but if your user gets there and doesn’t know where to go or how to find out what they want they will lose interest and leave, probably going to a competitor that has their user journey clearly defined.


So how do you design a user-friendly website?


Think like a customer

If you were visiting a site for a business, what would you want to see first? How would you use it? Start with this in mind and everything else will be customer journey focused too.


Get feedback

Ask family and friends to use it ang see how they like the functionality.  Ask people on social media for feedback, offering a prize/discount for feedback.



A clear, clean design that is easy to read and look at is a key part of a user journey. Colour is a big part of a good website as is a quality logo.


Mobile Responsive design

Over 50% of visitors to websites do so from a mobile device. Most older sites do not adapt to these smaller screen sizes meaning text and images can be distorted or off the screen entirely.



Slow websites are the quickest way to lose a visitor, it also has a big impact on your Google ranking. Making sure your site is optimised for speed is one of the most important factors in the success of a website.


Intuitive navigation

Consider what pages lead on from each other and how can you keep the user on your site. As they browse one page, might there be others they’d want to look at too – link them. Is your top bar menu easy to see and does it make sense?


Call to action

Use of landing page discounts or newsletter sign up prompts for free downloads, can be a really good way to ‘catch’ a customer before they are about to leave, it can also be annoying, so use with caution.


This is the way to convert a visitor into a customer. Think about how you will convert them into a customer instead of just a visitor.


Look at the competition

How does their site work, what are their call to actions? Is their user journey clear?


That’s our top tips for making your website user friendly, because user experience is key to successful website design. It can mean the difference between a sale and a visit to your website.


Chat to us more in the comments or drop us a message if you are interested in making your user journey clearer. We are here to help.