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Vantage Rebrand

Vantage Rebrand

For the last few months we’ve been working on various rebranding projects. Qdos Vantage, a provider of Tax Fee Protection, updated their company name to Vantage Fee Protect and requested a rebrand for their company. I’ve experienced a few rebranding exercises, from my experience reasons for rebranding can include:

  • Modernization of the business – reflecting this in the brand
  • Company Name change – creating a more focused product specific brand
  • Brand Mergers – offering a group of products or services from a group of brands

The Vantage rebrand came under the ‘company name change’ category, the aim was to create a brand more focused on their target market. A brand merger being thrown in the mix with their new partners Vantage Protect, an insurance intermediary formally know as Qdos Underwriting, also added an extra layer of complexity. The new brand was also to be used for the Vantage Protect trade mark and form an overall insurance group of businesses.


As an overall brand for the company they requested ‘Vantage’ to be the focus of the brand and the ‘V’ should be the prominent trademark to represent the business. A major part of the brief was to reflect the brands knowledge of technology and technical innovation.

After a few weeks of research, drafts, redrafts, critique and logo development we finally settled on the logo concept.

vantage rebrand

Being a group of insurance companies we wanted to reflect the flexibility of the brand and its ability to have multiple channels of facilities and resources, much like a Swiss Army Knife.

Web Design

Vantage were more than satisfied with the layout  and functionality of their original website however they felt it needed some tweaks with the new brand in place. They also wanted to keep a green theme which lead us onto developing new artwork to represent the brand.

The new Vantage website is now available at www.vantagefeeprotect.com. The aim of the website is to continue growing as a knowledge base for VAT and Tax enquiries, attracting relevant clients to their products and services.

Over the coming months we’re developing more online resources for The Vantage Protect Group, underpinning their USP as technology driven insurance providers.